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2014 Durham CAN Accomplishments Update

During the first months of 2014, Durham CAN has:

  1. Persuaded the City and County to launch a comprehensive early planning for affordable housing around the transit station.
  2.  Persuaded the City and County to launch a review of the zoning incentives for affordable housing.
  3. Persuaded the City to fully replace the funding for the Planning Department.
  4. Persuaded the City and County governments to adopt resolutions calling for 15% of all housing be affordable at each transit station.
  5. Persuaded TTA to pay living wages to workers involved in the construction of light rail (with help from President executive order)
  6. Persuaded Durham Public Schools, Durham Technical Community College, Durham Office of Workforce and Economic Development to start putting together a job training program for all transit related jobs.
  7. Participated in increasing voter turnout compared to last School Board election four years ago.
  8. Secured a meeting with new Superintendent to discuss CAN agenda.
  9. Called for more clarity in the DPS budget.  CAN leaders met with new DPS Superintendent to ensure the recommendations are implemented. 
  10. Persuaded Durham Public Schools to expand Universal Free Breakfast program to all students in the School District.
  11. Persuaded the Durham Public Schools to hire an additional interpreter for the District.
  12. Persuaded the Durham Public Schools to hire two additional family facilitators at local schools.
  13. Persuaded Durham Technical Community College to change the acceptable forms of identification to obtain a parking pass for students.
  14. Persuaded the County Commissioners to fund the C.R.C program for the elderly and disable.
  15.  Supported the FADE Coalition in calling the City Council to implement all 5 of its recommendations:
    • mandating the use of written consent-to-search forms for all consent searches;
    • requiring periodic review of officer stop-and-search data;
    • mandating department-wide racial equity training;
    • reforming and strengthening the mandate of the Durham Civilian Police Review Board; and
    • designating marijuana enforcement as the city’s lowest law enforcement priority.