Durham CAN is a multi-issue organization

Our agenda of issues emerges out of conversations in member institutions and it varies based on the communities in which the organizing takes place. Each CAN member institution and its leaders help shape the agenda of the organization. Durham CAN is organizing around the following priorities based on conversations with over 2,2250 people.

Affordable Housing

Durham CAN has demanded that decision makers from the City, County, and Housing Authority government designate four publicly-owned parcels of land for the construction of affordable housing.

Opportunities for Youth

Durham CAN demanded the hiring of additional counselors/college liaisons at several high schools.

Jobs & Living Wages

Durham CAN has demanded and won the payment of living wages for all future transit-related jobs, also the development of a robust job training program that prepares and connects local residents with the future transit-related jobs.

Police Accountability

Durham CAN demanded fundamental structural changes in the way the Durham Police Department deploys its officers and relates to the community. Among the proposed changes CAN has called for:

  • Incentives for police officers so that they are able to live in Durham
  • Investment in training of police officers
  • Creation of a diverse “Social Justice Body” to serve as a source of support and accountability for the new police chief
  • A change on license check points outside of congregations and immigrant neighborhoods