Turkey Trot

Turkey Trot

Compete with other member institution for the highest mileage and donations during our annual Turkey Trot Fundraiser + Competition from November 23rd to November 30th (Giving Tuesday)!

How It Works:


1. Donate at the special Turkey Trot link on our website or by mail-in check between November 23rd and 30th (Send checks to 732 Ninth Street, #604, Durham, NC 27705. Don't forget to add your member institution in the memo line!

2. Every dollar donated earns your institution 2 points!


1. Run, walk, roll, between November 23rd and 30th or bike and record your distance!

2. Submit your name, member institution, and photo evidence of your activity at the Google Form link by midnight on November 30th. Please submit the form only one day at a time. If you have multiple days you would like to record, please fill out the Google Form multiple times. 

3. Each mile traveled earns your institution 1 point!

Social Media Posts

1. Post about the Turkey Trot on your social media page with the hashtag #ThanksDurhamCAN and tag us: Facebook - Instagram - Twitter 

2. Earn 5 points for every day you post (limit of one post per social media platform per day). 


1. Each time someone from your institution signs up for or attends Eviction Court Watching, your institution earns 10 points

Some days of the competition offer bonus points for certain activities!

Friday, November 25th -- burn off all that Turkey and stuffing with Tipple Activity Points! Every mile traveled on this day earns 3 points for your member institution!

Saturday, November 26th -- Small Business Saturday with Double Posting Points! Tag Durham CAN (@DurhamCAN) and your favorite Durham Small business to earn 10 points for your member institution (limit one post per social media platform)

Saturday, November 26th -- Supportive Sunday with Double Posting Points! Take a photo with a friend from your member institution or a "rival" member institution, then post it on social media and tag us, or send it to us on social media directly for 10 points for each person in the photo to each member institution represented. 

Tuesday, November 30th -- Giving Tuesday with Triple Donation Points! Every dollar donated will earn your institution 3 points!


The institution with the most points on on November 30th at the end of the day wins. And because we like to celebrate, we'll also recognize the leaders and institutions with the most miles, donations, and social media posts!
November 23, 2021 at 12:00am - November 30, 2021