2023 Action Report

One of the universals of broad-based organizing is that “all organizing is reorganizing.”  This was the case for Durham CAN throughout the pandemic and as we have emerged from it during 2023.  During 2023, CAN organizers and leaders have worked to rebuild CAN’s citizen power and to restore its seat at the table along with the private sector (business) and public sector (government).  A Refounding Assembly was held in April 2023 attended by 680 delegates from CAN’s 29 member organizations.  The people’s voice was heard again at a Candidates Assembly in October 2023.   Before the over 500 delegates in attendance, candidates for Mayor and City Council agreed to each of CAN’s requests regarding services for victims of violence and actions for affordable housing.  As Durham continues to face issues of drastic income disparity, inequity in housing, transportation deficits, poverty and the assault on our public schools, a courageous Durham CAN will continue in 2024 to build its power so as to bring the voices of the most vulnerable to the decision-making table.

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