Durham CAN's Research Action Teams are teams of leaders affiliated with CAN member institutions that temporarily work on a partial solution to a larger collective problem through research, relational meetings, listening sessions, power analyses, and action campaign recommendations. Our teams are responsible for the refining work of turning larger, abstract problems into specific, tangible issues they have identified as negatively affecting our constituency. Ultimately, CAN's Research Action Teams provide our institutions clarity and specificity around our common issues, enabling us to effectively address and transform those issues through the organizing and mobilizing of our collective power. 

In our current organizing cycle, CAN's four Research Action Teams include: 

  • Affordable Housing
  • Gun Violence 
  • Poverty
  • Public Transportation

*Important Note*
Because CAN's organizing efforts require the consent and energy of our member institutions, you must be affiliated with a CAN member institution to participate in a Research Action Team. If your institution is not currently a member of Durham CAN, please email us at [email protected] to receive more information on how you and your institution can get involved. 

To sign up for an Action Team, use this link: