Club Blvd. Garden

The Affordable Housing Team and Club Blvd. leaders, along with Durham Soil and Water, Durham EAB, and Carrington Middle School Agriculture, came together on June 12th to build the Club Blvd. community garden! We are so excited for this garden to serve as a community gathering space and an opportunity to build leadership while nurturing connections in the greater Durham community. The Club Blvd. Garden also serves as an important reminder that affordable housing is about more than the cost of where people live, and that ensuring access to quality community resources is critical. After a long, hard year, coming together to create a beautiful space became the biggest resource of all.

Thank you to everyone who came out to help with this effort! It's wonderful to already see signs of fresh produce growing (see the tomato below!), and we are optimistic that the garden will serve as a resource for families who experience food apartheid. We're excited to watch this garden create opportunities for exciting learning experiences, serve as a lively place for relationship building, and grow a steady stream of fresh produce for many years to come!