PBS Documentary on the Impact of Racism on Public Housing Tonight

It's the story of a public housing community in Atlanta that became nearly uninhabitable after years of neglect and underfunding. Eventually, it was torn down to create a mixed-income community.  Yet, only 15% of people returned to the property after it was completed. Some were ineligible to return due to tighter restrictions.
This documentary comes at a very important moment for us. Last year, Durham passed the affordable housing bond. Much of the money will go to help Durham Housing Authority redevelop some of their properties and turn them into mixed income through the RAD program. As that happens, we have to make sure that it doesn't displace people and further systemic racism. 
We would like to host a Zoom discussion about the documentary in the next week or two for those interested. Please click here to indicate your interest to discuss the documentary.
In peace,
Heather Ladd
Ruth Petrea